Do you service E-bikes (Electric or Electric Assist Bikes?

No we do not

Do you service recumbents, or trikes?

No- due to space constraints, we do not

Do you assemble bikes bought online or elsewhere?

Yes, bike assembly is $100 per bike

Do you take appointments for service?

No, we require the bike to be dropped off and placed in queue.  Often times if we are waiting for parts on other bikes, we can move on to other bikes waiting for repair. 

How long will it take for my repairs to be complete?

Bikes checked in for repair are taking 2-3 weeks turnaround.  This is due to parts availability and the amount of work in queue ahead of incoming bikes.

Do you take all major credits cards?  What about online payments?

Yes, All major credit cards.  You can also pay online- see the paypal tab on the top of the screen