We  do not  service electric (E-bikes), gas powered bikes,  recumbents, and trikes.

Our Services

★ We provide free estimates for repair work.  
Please bring your bike in during business hours so we can evaluate

Major Tune-up  $90
We cover it all with this one...including complete off the bicycle wheel truing.  We also adjust the headset, bottom bracket, hub bearings, shifting, brakes, and torque the crank bolts.  Clean and lube of chain and cables.  Safety check and tightening of nuts and bolts.  Thorough bike wipe down.  Includes replacement of up to 3 spokes.

Drive Train / Single Speed Tune-Up  $60
Clean and lube chain.  Clean and tighten crank arm bolts.  Lube derailleur cables.  Inspect bottom bracket. Derailleur adjustment

Complete Overhaul $150
This one is taking it to the extreme of service and care for your bicycle.  Labor includes removing, cleaning, and inspection of parts and re-installing all parts.  15% off all new parts needed for this service.

Safety Inspection $20

Safety check and tightening of nuts and bolts. Inspection of  tire condition and overall bike integrity